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Health professionals often work to tight schedules. The Rehab Lab was designed with this in mind - packed full of features in a simple, easy-to-use application so that therapists can make handouts on the go, edit existing handouts to suit the individual needs of the client, or save handouts for use at a later date. The result:

A professional, clear and easy-to-follow rehabilitation handout
tailored to the specific needs of each client, created in no time at all.

Below is a list of each feature with a short explanation. To see these features in action, try the demo now.

With over 1,800 exercises,
you will find all the exercises you need

The Rehab Lab database contains over 1,800 musculoskeletal exercises ranging from neural mobilisations to advanced core stability exercises and patient advice. Every month our exercise database continues to grow. With The Rehab Lab, you will find the exercise you are searching for.

Print, save or e-mail handouts directly to your clients

With The Rehab Lab, you choose how you want to supply your rehab handouts to your clients.

Print your high-quality handouts to provide to your clients at the time of their consultation.

Save your handouts as PDF documents to your computer to be printed or e-mailed at a later date.

Or, e-mail your handouts to your clients directly from The Rehab Lab. They can then view the handout on their computer or smartphone, or print them on their home printer.

All exercises, information sheets & pre-set rehabilitation protocols are completely editable

The Rehab Lab enables you to edit all the 1,800+ exercises. Edit the exercise titles, descriptions, sets & repetitions and exercise frequency to suit your clients' needs.

You can also edit all the text within the various information sheets, thereby customising these sheets to your clinical beliefs.

Edit The Rehab Lab's pre-set rehabilitation protocols: remove exercises; add exercises; edit the exercises within the protocol.

Access The Rehab Lab
Anywhere, Anytime

A great advantage of The Rehab Lab is that it is a web-based tool.

If you can access the Internet, you can access The Rehab Lab. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With The Rehab Lab you can send rehab handouts from anywhere, at a time that suits you.


Start creating your own database of custom exercises, information sheets & pre-set exercise protocols now

With The Rehab Lab, you can save your customised exercises, informations sheets and pre-set rehab protcols to your own database.

You can then search your own custom database to locate and edit these custom items - saving valuable time in the future.

See your exercises on
The Rehab Lab

If you have your own specific custom exercises that you would like to see on The Rehab Lab you can suggest an exercise.

Simply click the 'Suggest' button in The Rehab Lab, fill out the form and it will be sent straight to us. All exercise suggestions will be put on The Rehab Lab Update List and uploaded to The Rehab Lab at the next available update.

Click here to see the latest updates added to The Rehab Lab exercise database.


The Rehab Lab is a web-based application. This means that you can use The Rehab Lab on any computer with any operating system (PC, Mac OS, Linux etc).

Click here to check you have the correct screen resolution and the Adobe Flash Player plugin.

sign-up & go:
No installation required!

The Rehab Lab is accessed straight from the Internet, without the need to install any software.

All you need to run The Rehab Lab is an Internet connection and a web browser with the Adobe Flash plugin. Most computers already have this plugin installed, which can be downloaded free from here.

To check if you have this plugin, click here.

Clear, Bold, Professionally illustrated exercise diagrams

When it comes to instructional illustrations, nothing beats The Rehab Lab's professionally illustrated bold, clear, black & and white outline diagrams.

The benefit of our black and white diagrams over photographs, video captures or 3D models is that they are ultra-clear and print at a higher quality with no loss of sharpness even when printed at lower print quality or larger sizes.

Click here to see an example.

Boost patient compliance by adding an exercise diary

With The Rehab Lab, you have the option of adding an exercise diary to each handout you create.

This diary contains a list of each exercise in your handout with an area for your clients to tick each day for up to 12 weeks, with the aim of increasing exercise adherence.

Click here to see an example handout with an exercise diary.

Customise the layout of your handouts to your liking

The Rehab Lab allows you to customise the look of your rehabilitation handouts.

Select how many exercises you would like shown on each page: one exercise per page (recommended for display purposes or to send to smartphones); 3 exercises per page; 5 exercises per page; or 8 exercises per page.

Click here to see an example of each.

You can also choose a different font and various heading positions.

Create custom, full-page information sheets to accompany your rehab handouts

The Rehab Lab database contains a series of information sheets which cover a range of rehabilitation related topics and are based on up-to-date, evidence based practice.

These sheets can be added to the end of each handout or given to the client as a stand-alone information sheet.

Use your information sheets to educate the client on the management of their injury.

Click here to see an example information sheet.

The Rehab Lab exercise database is contantly growing

The Rehab Lab has a database of over 1,800 exercises. Each month, this number grows as we add more exercises.

Our exercise update list is compiled from the exercise suggestions we receive from our users and from The Rehab Lab's own list of current, evidence-based exercises.

To see the latest additions to The Rehab Lab exercise database, click here.

Rest assured:
your data is safe with us.

The Rehab Lab databases are regularly backed up.

This means all the custom exercises, information sheets and rehabilitation handouts that you have created and added to your own custom database are safe and sound with us.